Frenzi: The Mafia Massacre

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Frenzi: The Mafia Massacre

He was the mob’s deadliest weapon…until he became their most lethal enemy!

Meet John Frenzi, a tough-as-nails Mafia enforcer in Los Angeles, a man without conscience, a human weapon. He knew one thing and one thing only: The cruel art of violence. His nickname among the Mafia was the Killfrenzy, for his very gruesome abilities. He was trained to do the Family’s bidding, murdering anyone who stood in their way. But that was before a brash young capo targeted his innocent neighbor.

Her blood is on Don Giovanni’s hands, and when the aging patriarch of the most powerful crime family on the West Coast refuses to do the right thing, John Frenzi turns his very deadly skills against the underworld Family who had given him everything.

They thought they could handle the rage of one man. They were wrong. The Killfrenzy is about to be unleashed on the very men who created him. And the Mafia will never be the same.

Inspired by the men’s adventure novels of yesteryear, Frenzi is a wild ride through a hip, blood-soaked Los Angeles underworld circa 1970. Hard-hitting, startlingly violent, and loaded with action-packed chapter after chapter, R.J. Calder has crafted a fast-reading adventure that will make your head spin.

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