Flame of Eros: A Dark Epic Sword and Sorcery Adventure (Swords and Skulls Book 1)

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Flame of Eros: A Dark Epic Sword and Sorcery Adventure (Swords and Skulls Book 1)
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“Dragons and kings, wizards and rings, who needs them?”

So says sword-for-hire Vetravincus as he prowls the market looking for coin to pay for his next meal. Little does he know the trouble to come getting mixed up with an upstart apprentice and a gambling rogue.

The apprentice wants revenge on the Mages who stripped him of his powers. The gambler is out for spoils should they succeed in disrupting the Order of Mages and securing the fabled Flame of Eros.

But such simple missions are things of fantasy. The gods have something else planned…

From the mesmeric love traps of a sorceress to the clutches of the Ravenclaw outlaws, Vetra and his friends must save their skins and prevent their homeland from falling to a sorceress’s tyrannical rule…

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