Domino Lady (recent pulp stories)

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Domino Lady (recent pulp stories)

A recent reimagining of Domino lady adventures in the 1930 depression era in 4 four volumes

Pulpdom’s Sexiest Avenger!

The Domino Lady first appeared in the pulps in 1936. After graduating from the Berkeley College in California, Ellen Patrick goes off to Europe on a joy filled jaunt. Her trip is cut short when her widowed father, D.A. Owen Patrick, is murdered by gangsters. Upon her return home she learns the corrupt authorities have no intention of finding her father’s killers. Thus she puts on a domino mask and a backless white dress to avenge him. Though arming herself with a small .22 automatic and a syringe full of knockout serum, the Domino Lady’s most effective weapon was her sensual beauty, which often distracted her opponents until she could turn the tables on them.

Now new pulp writers, Greg Hatcher, Gene Moyers, Tim Bruckner and Kevin Findley offer up four brand new adventures of Los Angeles’ most notorious, and sexiest, crime-fighter of them all, the Domino Lady!

Also there is a recent novel too available here

And for the original stories published in the 1930 you can find them here


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