Die By the Sword (a recent sword and sorcery short stories collection)

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Die By the Sword (a recent sword and sorcery short stories collection)

From the hells beneath the hells comes a brand-new anthology of sword and sorcery adventure! DMR Books presents yet another tome of fantastic tales by some of the most exciting authors in the field today. These scribes of blood and thunder maintain the legacy of classic sword and sorcery while expanding it into uncharted terrain.

Join Morcar as he supplicates a fierce goddess in a blood ritual to avenge his kin and reclaim his home… Come face-to-face with Roman legionaries and vicious dogmen in a haunted riverside adventure of Simon of Gitta… Ride with Duke Eldol as he steeps the Conqueror’s Spear in the blood of Saxon invaders and wages war on a corrupt Briton king… Hunt down a vampyre sorceress in an enchanted crystalline pyramid with Karnov, Phantom-Clad Rider of the Cosmic Ice… Whether to claim riches, a lusty wench or their own vengeance, the latest exploits of these and other mighty heroes come to vivid life within these pages. Experience the thrill as they slay and conquer in savage lands.

The inaugural edition of this action-packed series will soon likely join the ranks of such well-regarded classic anthologies as Swords Against Darkness and Flashing Swords. Rise to the sound of battle and wipe the blood-mist from your blade. Get ready to live and DIE BY THE SWORD!

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