Descendants of the Wolf (Descendants Saga)

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Descendants of the Wolf (Descendants Saga)

Yngvar, son of a powerful Norman jarl, thought raiding a glorious profession. He dreamed of the Viking ideal, sailing to distant shores and battling honorable foes. Laden with gold, he would return home in glory. The same life of adventure that his grandfather, Ulfrik Ormsson, experienced awaited him.

It proved a false dream.

Along with his cousin and best friend, Yngvar discovers a world unlike the sagas of the great heroes. He encounters murder and treachery. Raiding is nothing more than merciless theft. True riches remain elusive and sea kings dominate the waves.

Yngvar trusts to his honor and courage to carry him. Yet powerful enemies swarm all around him. Fate guides him into the teeth of a clash between two of history’s mightiest jarls. He will require all his cunning and daring to survive.

So begins a new saga of Viking adventure and war. Join the shield wall once more and witness the fierce history of the Norsemen.

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