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Demonic by Jeff Strand

From the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of PRESSURE and AUTUMN BLEEDS INTO WINTER, comes a new novel of unrelenting terror. Corey is falling in love with his co-worker Quinn. This is a problem. Not only because Quinn is married, but Read more

Five Maidens on the Pentagram

Nobody believes Jonah, a mild-mannered mental patient with split personalities, that his doctor is working with his evil alter ego, Maldeus, to sacrifice women to a sex-crazed demon in the hospital basement. Determined to expose his doctor’s evil plan, Jonah Read more


Charlie Trace, professional thief, is no stranger to deceit and violence. But nothing in his life on the knife-edge of London’s underworld could prepare him for the horror of Demogorgon.

It is centuries old. Satan is its lord and master. It walks the earth in the guise of a man, but it is not a man: it is the very essence of evil.

Across many years and nations, Demogorgon has sown the seeds of hell. Now, it is calling its children home. Demogorgon’s power grows with every soul it devours – and if Charlie Trace can’t stop it, he will be its next victim!

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