Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson

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Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson
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While researching a story on a mysterious box brought back from Mongolia, newspaper reporter Will Barbee meets the intriguing and seductive April Bell. After a series of frighteningly vivid dreams, and a string of murders that leave his close friends dead, Barbee starts to piece together the mystery of shapeshifter and werewolf April Bell, and comes to realize his part in the murders. As the truth starts to emerge, Barbee struggles with the reality of his past, and what this box and its contents mean to his future.

Written by Jack Williamson, the only writer to receive both SFWA’s Grand Master Award and the Horror Writer of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

“On looking back over his long and influential career, I have no hesitation in placing Jack Williamson on a level with the two other American giants, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein.”
– Arthur C. Clarke

“Darker Than You Think yields sheer enjoyment, generating wonder and suspense as Williamson springs his sequence of trapdoors with the effortless agility of a master”
– Peter Straub

“A giant in the field of science fiction…When you’re the acknowledged Dean of Science Fiction, you’re allowed to coast a little. Jack is the only writer around who has demonstrably improved with every passing decade.”
– Mike Resnick

“I think the first SF novel I ever read was his book Seetee Shock, although it wasn’t until I read his novel of shapechangers, Darker than You Think, as a teenager, that I knew I was a fan.”
-Neil Gaiman

“He is a man of extraordinary talent and consummate humility, of penetrating intelligence and great kindness, a scholar and a gentleman. We are unbelievably lucky to have him as one of the forefathers of the field.”
– Connie Willis

“Not only is he (Jack Williamson) one of the best-loved figures in the field of science fiction, he has been a pioneering writer, breaking ground in new areas long before most of us had learned how to read.”
– Ben Bova

“Like the best of… wines, vintage Williamson travels well.”
– David Weber

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