Darker Than Weird: Fourteen Tales of Horror

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From celebrated fantasist John R. Fultz comes a collection of dark and varied tales of horror. As did his 2021 fantasy collection, Worlds Beyond WorldsDarker Than Weird showcases Fultz’s talent for creating compelling characters and stories in fantastic and inventively horrifying worlds. Dark science fiction, Lovecraft-inspired terrors, strange apocalypses and other dooms abound in these pages—a true delight for the horror devotee.

Behind the torn facade of the living world lurks a realm of vivid darkness. Strange currents ebb and flow in the stellar void, spawning monsters, ghosts, and abominations beyond human understanding. Darker Than Weird collects ten years of weird fiction that defies and sometimes utterly destroys the boundaries of genre. From dystopic nightmares to gruesome science fiction, modern terrors to ancient gods, horror is the common thread in this dark tapestry of tales. Fourteen unsettling explorations of the supernatural, the ghastly, and the existentially grotesque. Read them at your own risk.

With a foreword by Don Webb and illustrations by Dan Sauer

“John R. Fultz is a powerful and creative writer very much in the Weird Tales tradition. He is well worth your attention.” —DARRELL SCHWEITZER, former editor of Weird Tales

“Fultz has rapidly matured into a major fantasist.” —LAIRD BARRON, Author of Occultation and Black Mountain

“…a master of his craft.” —DON WEBB, Author of Building Strange Temples

“Fultz delivers the goods.” —HOWARD ANDREW JONES, Author of The Ring-Sworn Trilogy

“…an author with an exceptional talent for characterization and world building.” —The Library Journal

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