Dark Operator: A Military Science Fiction Special Forces Thriller

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Dark Operator: A Military Science Fiction Special Forces Thriller

Legion Dark Ops has always been a unit shrouded in secrecy.


Tasked with performing covert missions, its kill teams are filled with the best warriors from within the ranks of the Legion.

Kel Turner is one of the youngest legionnaires ever to be selected to its ranks. After many battles and trials, he is faced with the greatest challenge of his life – operating by himself on a remote planet at the galaxy’s edge, a foot soldier for the policies of the duplicitous House of Reason, tasked with solving a crisis that would take ten kill teams to resolve.

Diplomats, spies, shadowy terrorist groups, and an enigmatic general work with and against Kel as he fights to save a society from itself. What can one operator do alone, separated from his kill team, fighting a war that has no name?

This lone operator doesn’t know what it will take to win. He only knows he’s not going to lose.

U.S. Army special operations veteran Doc Spears teams with Anspach & Cole on his debut novel, a thrilling new military science fiction series that captures the drive, sacrifice, and discipline of those worthy of becoming Dark Ops.

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