Dagger and Vow: An Adventure in Ancient Rome (Forgotten Heroes of Rome Book 1)

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Dagger and Vow: An Adventure in Ancient Rome (Forgotten Heroes of Rome Book 1)

Marcus Varro is content to work on his father’s farm, selling barley in the markets of Rome. He has vowed to uphold a simple life of peace. Then the Roman Legions find him.

A war that should not be sweeps Varro from his idyllic farm and carries him across the Aegean Sea to a land under siege. His vow of peace is stretched to its limits as he is plunged into blood and battle.

The ceaseless march of the Republican Roman Army spares none.Yet a greater threat stalks Varro, more dangerous and more personal than any enemy soldier. Can he survive in an army where he faces swords to his front and daggers at his back?

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