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Child of Fire: A Twenty Palaces Novel: Twenty Palaces Series

Ray Lilly is living on borrowed time. He’s the driver for Annalise Powliss, a high-ranking member of the Twenty Palace Society, a group of sorcerers devoted to hunting down and executing rogue magicians. But because Ray betrayed her once, Annalise Read more

Fated (Alex Verus Book 1)

Enter a “gorgeously realized world”* and meet a mage destined for greatness in the first novel in the national bestselling Alex Verus series. Alex is part of a world hidden in plain sight, running a magic shop in London that caters Read more

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My name is Kazimir Wolfe, people call me ‘Kaz’, except they don’t. I never use my real name, it’s too dangerous, for me and for anyone I meet. I’m on the run from the law, who think I killed my aunt, and from whoever did kill her, because they want to finish the job. So, I move around a lot, working construction or whatever job I can find. It’s a lonely life, I don’t let…
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