Constellation: A Space Opera in the Classic Tradition (Blood Empire Book 1)

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Constellation: A Space Opera in the Classic Tradition (Blood Empire Book 1)

A powerful battlecruiser lost to the stars. Will her high-stakes salvage operation spark an intergalactic war?

Indy Jackson longs to blast her father’s killer to ashes. But when her latest shady interplanetary deal goes bad, the bold space smuggler is forced to go on the run, framed for an alien massacre. And when her brutal blackmailer demands she recover an abandoned fabled warship, she heads into dangerous territory…

Desperate to return to her black-market trades and hunt down her father’s murderer, Indy teams up with a ragtag crew of mercenaries. But as she confronts the impossible task and uncovers a shocking truth, any misstep could bring a fragile galactic sector to its knees.

Can one daring pirate outsmart ruthless factions and play deadly politics to pull off the coup of the century?

Constellation is the first book in the action-packed Blood Empire space opera trilogy. If you like rebellious heroines, classic sci-fi battles, and planet-loads of hidden agendas, then you’ll love Robert Scanlon’s plasma-fueled leap into danger.

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