Code Name: Wild Hunt: Odin’s Call

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Code Name: Wild Hunt: Odin's Call

When the US Air Force loses contact with an experimental drone carrying a classified weapon system over a remote section of the Ouachita Mountain Range of eastern Oklahoma, a team of elite Pararescue personnel are sent in to recover the asset. After the entire team and the helicopter sent to extract them vanish without a trace, it is discovered that a highly-aggressive, hairy, bipedal hominid is responsible for the attack. Code Name: Wild Hunt is called in to handle the paranormal threat. The Wild Hunt is a covert group of Special Forces operatives that are recruited from all branches of the US military for highly specialized and classified missions pertaining to paranormal threats to humanity.

With the increasing frequency of attacks, the Wild Hunt is split across four zones of the United States, with four teams operating in each zone. Teams are named after Hunting Deities with each zone representing a different pantheon. Due to the volatile nature of the missions and potential for panic in the general populace, the Special Operations Group known as the Wild Hunt does not formally exist in any government or military records. Dispatching Team Odin, they soon discover that it wasn’t just one creature.

They find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict between two clans of Bigfoot-like creatures embroiled in a territorial dispute. Creatures that they quickly learn are far more intelligent than originally anticipated. To make matters worse, they find themselves trapped by one of the worst snowstorms on record. Can Team Odin locate any survivors of the original Pararescue team, as well as secure the missing drone? Or will they, too, fall prey to the same creatures?

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