Challenge! Discovery (Rogue Blades Presents: Challenge!)

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Challenge! Discovery (Rogue Blades Presents: Challenge!)

RBE is about HEROES, and heroes exist in every genre. They dominate our legends from the men and women of history to the denizens of our literary worlds. The stories we tell each other begin and end with HEROES. These pages are beyond genre; they’re simply heroic.

This RBE CHALLENGE! is issued in part to engage respondents in a contest of skill and in another part to ensure the validity of RBE’s byline: Putting the HERO back into HEROICS! To partake in this contest is to dare to accept an invitation not to decide superiority but to define HEROES. Accepting this call to competition requires commitment to write to theme and contribution to support the cause. CHALLENGE! titles are intended to perpetuate tales of heroes and raise financial support. These titles revolve around the cover art and the single-word title inspired by that art. Authors rising to the CHALLENGE! are encouraged to deliver the strongest heroic adventure the combination of art and title rouses within them.

So what’s in this CHALLENGE!? The creations of the writers stimulated by this cover and the idea of DISCOVERY to accept RBE’s call to put the HERO back into HEROICS. How did they choose to deliver? Did they deliver? Go ahead, judge for yourself. I DARE you to read these 11 tales of fantastical adventure and decide if they created HEROES who rose to the CHALLENGE! of DISCOVERY. If you are a reader who loves strong HEROES, this book is for you.

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