Cahena: A Dream of the Past

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Cahena: A Dream of the Past

The brave and beautiful warrior queen known as the Cahena was believed to be a sorceress and prophetess. Her glorious reign over the Berbers in the seventh century was marked by passionate romance, stirring battles, and bold mystical deeds. The Cahena had the sensuality of Cleopatra, the wisdom of Catherine the Great, and the courage of Joan of Arc.

The Cahena led an army forty thousand strong, wielding javelins and scimitars, in a valiant struggle against the Mohammedan invaders who were fresh from their conquest of Carthage. At her side rode Wulf, the Saxon soldier. Wulf came to know the warrior queen like no one else before or after—for he was the one man who dared to love her.

Rich in historical detail and dramatic action, this is a story to rival the great war epics of all time. DMR Books is proud to bring Manly Wade Wellman’s final novel back into print after nearly thirty-five years.

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