Book of the Dead: Awakening: A LitRPG Adventure

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Book of the Dead: Awakening: A LitRPG Adventure

A forbidden Class. A dark power. Can Tyron prove he can still be a hero?

With one touch of the Awakening Stone, Tyron receives an outlawed Class and his life changes forever.

His bright and promising future as the scion of two famous, monster-hunting Slayers is promptly torn apart and he must make a decision.

He can allow his Class to be purged from his soul as is required by his society, or can cling to it, abandon all that he knows, and rise from the shadow of his influential parents to prove the world that shunned him wrong.

It’s time to show that even with an “evil” Class like Necromancer, Tyron can still do good.

Don’t miss the start of the next hit LitRPG series from RinoZ, the author of ChrysalisBook of the Dead takes on all aspects of Necromancy headfirst, from the tactical maneuvering of skeletons, to what it’s like spending so much time amongst the undead.

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