Berserker – Green Hell: Sometimes War Is Beyond Hell

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Something lurks in the northern shadows of Vietnam.

Known as the Reapers, Pinny and his special group of soldiers are sent to collect dog tags from their fallen comrades only to uncover the sinister underbelly of the Vietnam War, and a monstrous secret beyond comprehension.

Pinny might survive the war, but can he save his humanity?

“Confronting, gut-wrenching, full-throttle military fiction. Franklin will have you wiping the blood spatter off your face.” — Lee Murray, award-winning author of Into the Ashes

“Strong horror. Its relentless fast-paced narrative carries the reader along on a gruesome roller-coaster of a ride. Great stuff.” – Simon Clark, author of Vampyrrhic

“Brutal, bloody brilliance.” – Tim Lebbon author of Eden

“Berserker: Green Hell is one of the best Military Horror novels I’ve ever read.” The Sci-fi and Fantasy Reviewer

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