Behold Humanity!: May We Come In? (Behold, Humanity! Book 1)

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Behold Humanity!: May We Come In? (Behold, Humanity! Book 1)

The Unified Civilized Council, which has ruled for over a hundred million years has discovered new species in the Long Dark. Strange and unknown species that seem to have no rhyme or reason about them. Compounding the problem is the reappearance of the ancient Precursor Autonomous War Machines. Even worse is the fact that the newly discovered Terran Confederacy of Aligned Systems appear to be the only force capable of stopping the murderous robotic starships, some the size of small continents.

The first book in the Behold Humanity! series, this covers the initial meetings as well as the initial battles between the living and the terrible machines.

The series currently stands at 2.95 MILLION words, 939 chapters of 2,000 words or more a chapter. The series is in wrapup and ending. While the current books are only in the Chapter 320-375 range, the later chapters, the rest of the series, has already been written and is just undergoing editing book by book.

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