Ascension, The Ymir Trinity

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Ascension, The Ymir Trinity
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For millennia, clandestine wars between humans and Demigods ravaged our world. Frustrated by humankind’s talent for killing her emissaries, the Goddess Ymir chose a young Icelandic woman, Alma, to represent her in our Anthropic universe. Alma refused to be the leader Ymir needed and instead, hid on her family farm.

A looming threat from outside forced Alma to abandon her self-imposed isolation and accept her role as Ymir’s hands and eyes. It wasn’t long before she realized her abilities had crippling limitations, not the least of which was her inexperience with the tactics and brutality of war.

Ymir coerced Alma into a partnership with a duty-bound American Air Force General and a psychotic demigoddess. This unconventional team raced against time to prepare their people for a confrontation that will test their technological and scientific limits.

Will humanity’s breathtaking evolution and insatiable thirst for conquest ignite a much larger war, placing Ymir and her sapient armies in conflict with the other Gods?

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