A Song Of Steel: A Viking saga (The Light of the North saga Book 1)

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A Song Of Steel: A Viking saga (The Light of the North saga Book 1)

A roaring Norse saga of war, honour, love and loss. Vikings face Crusaders in an epic battle for the soul of the North.

‘A gripping, well-executed story, with a fun, original premise.’ – Angus Donald
‘A Song Of Steel is a rising light of Norse Mythology.’ – Daniel Kelly
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the authenticity, the historical underpinnings and the author’s knowledge of smithing, which gives the book a fine steel spine. Excellent!’ – Christian Cameron

Alternate history – 1116 AD. Three hundred years of cruel Viking raids have finally united Christian Europe against the pagan Northlands. A great crusade has been called to pacify the wild Norse kingdoms. The banner of the cross has been raised against the north, and all the power and fury of the west rides under it.

Ordulf, a talented young German swordsmith, is ripped from his comfortable life and cast into the bloody chaos of the crusade. As fate deals him a cruel blow in the lands of his enemies, he will have to forge a new path through the chaos, or be consumed by it.

In the Northlands, three rival kingdoms must unite to survive the onslaught. But can any man, king or commoner, unite the bickering brotherhood of the Norse? Or is the time of the Vikings finally drawing to a violent end. Heroes will fail, kings will fall, and ordinary people will fight for the right to a future.

An epic saga of war, love and politics sure to delight fans of Bernard Cornwell, Giles Krystian, Matthew Harffy, Christian Cameron and all lovers of historical fiction.

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