A Greater Duty (Galaxy Ascendant Book 1)

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A Greater Duty (Galaxy Ascendant Book 1)

An unsuspecting Galaxy is suddenly thrust into war, and the only person who can stop it…is the one who started it.

For Executor Darkclaw, his invasion of the Galactic Alliance is simply a task from his master to be obeyed.

For the Galactic Alliance, it is a disaster they were utterly unprepared for.

For others, the invasion is a godsend. Grand Admiral Nayasar Khariah, thirsty for revenge, jumps at the chance to join the invaders and get back at the Alliance no matter the cost.

However, all is not as it seems.

When Darkclaw starts to have second thoughts about the mission assigned to him by his master, the all-powerful High Lord, he finds himself at a morally explosive crossroads. Will he press on and carry out the purpose he was created for, or will he risk his own destruction as well as that of his newfound friends by defying his master?

An existential threat to the Universe is imminent as the High Lord looms over everything, and the only way to stop him and save not only the Alliance but the entire galaxy, lies in the remains of an ancient, powerful race and the creations they left behind.

Fans of David Weber and the old Star Wars expanded universe will love this epic space opera.

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