Student of Death: A Flesch & Stone novel

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Obsession and murder run in the blood…

DI Richard Flesch: Three words to describe my partner: Brave. Unrelenting. Haunted.
DI Sarah Sarah: Three words to describe my partner: Intelligent. Focused. CANNIBAL.

When a young girl is found tortured and mutilated at an abandoned train station, retired army captain Sarah Stone is persuaded to join a specialised police unit that is dedicated to catching serial killers. Her new partner, Richard Flesch, is the country’s leading expert at catching psychopaths. Because he used to be one. He is the Chester-Le-Street Cannibal.

How can Sarah focus on catching monsters when she is forced to work with one?

‘Iain Rob Wright scares the hell out of me!’ – author, J.A. Konrath

‘Keeps you guessing all the way through.’ – Amazon Reviewer

‘Sick and twisted. So thrilling!’ – author, Matt Shaw

‘Wow. Just wow!’ – Amazon Reviewer


The Dead Unleashed: (Unleashed Anthology series Volume 3)

Grab your bug out bag, strap on every weapon you can find, and get ready for a 600-page descent into undead hell! This gigantic book of the dead and reanimated is brought to you by 30 mind-scarring apocalyptic word warriors penning you horrors you could never have imagined… and can only live safely through by reading The Dead Unleashed.

Novacaine, Rich Restucci
…and the Geiger Counter Clicks, Brandon Scott
The Closet, Blake Standard
Overhand Follow Through, Jay Wilburn
Our Last Day of School Ever, Joseph C. DiNallo
Operation Z, Marie Lanza
Mavreides Gambit, Matthew Hollis Damon
Planted, Steve Oden
The Living Dead Man, R.J. Spears
A Merry Maskless Christmas Eve Ball, Kurt Newton
Chimera, Jacob Austin
Zombies at Red Rock, Roxanne Dent
Rucco, James Robert Smith
Dead Tranquil, Chantal Boudreau
Alexa, Stop!, Maria Wickens
Hipster Apocalypse, Chad A. B. Wilson
Dust, Catlyn Ladd
Zombies, Troy Diffenderfer
Running with Zombies, Sean M. Davis
Zombitropolis, Gregory L. Norris
About Brains, Claire Davon
The Disincarnate, Stanley B. Webb
The Death of Art, Tim Latham
Bones, Phoenix Roberts
Picture Show, Jay Seate
Dead Love, John Teel
Parts of Us, Shelly Lyons
Mostly Dead, Darrin Bright
Drawn And Quartered, Mark Tufo
Still Dead Cadillac, Javan Bonds


LOST HORROR CLASSIC FOR FAN ANCIENT GOD’S VENGEANCE! When a young woman’s grasping billionaire uncle unearths a centuries old box from Atlantis containing the magical secrets of the ancient God of the Sea, she finds herself a pawn in the struggle between her uncle and the legendary but-all-too-real Poseidon.

For the Sea God is determined to either regain the box – or claim her as his bride! A young doctor resolves to stand by her against this dark peril; but how can he protect her, when the sea can invade the third story of a house, when the oceans rise from the shore to swallow whole cities, when Poseidon himself comes riding his white maned horses across the sea’s waves, and when the long-dead rise up to man ghost ships and pluck the woman he loves from his arms!

Claimed! is another classic masterpiece from the grandmistress of dark horror, Francis Stevens (AKA Gertrude Barrows Bennett), the woman whose work, H. P. Lovecraft wrote, “if written by Sir Walter Scott or Ibanez … would have been praised to the skies… Underlying its amazing and thrilling scenes … [is a] wonderful and tragic allegory. [Stevens is] among the highest grade of writer.”

Fantasy editor Mary Gnaedinger hailed it as “a masterpiece … all readers will like.” Claimed!, written in 1919, is a rare treat for horror fans, out of print in any form for more than fifty years!

Citadel of Fear (Annotated): A classic pulp horror novel

“Wonderful and tragic allegory … amazing and thrilling scenes … masterful … huge mystery, gigantic tragedy, and original and extraordinary situations…” H. P. Lovecraft

One of the greatest of all classics pulp magazines  dark fantasy,  by the  woman who wrote as Francis Stevens.

Lost in the Mexican desert, two adventurers stumble into the mysterious lost civilization of Tlapallan, populated by people of the night who still worship the ancient Aztec gods — and know that those gods are alive and active — and angry!

This edition of Francis Stevens’s 1918 horror novel the complete novel including all thirty-three chapters, unlike most other ebook editions.

Both Barrels of Monster Hunter Legends (Legends Of The Monster Hunter)

Both Barrels of Monster Hunter Legends (Legends Of The Monster Hunter)

A twig snaps in the mist and you spin to face lantern eyes and slavering jaws. Most would panic, run, and within moments die. But not the monster hunter. Reflexes like coiled springs unleash with fury into the beast and the never-ending struggle between hunter and nightmare begins with blood…

Those were the words that launched the Legends of the Monster Hunter series years ago, and now the first two volumes (Leather, Denim & Silver and The Trigger Reflex) are available in this special edition omnibus, featuring 47 stories of monster hunting and launching the next generation of Legends of the Monster Hunter volumes,

Use Enough Gun, Blood Trails and Doomsday. Divided into four sections beginning with The Werewolf Hunters and following with The Vampire Hunters, The Spirit Hunters and The Monster Hunters, these adventures take us on hunts through misty forests, foggy streets, old west deserts and snow covered peaks and describe almost every monster in the book, some expected, and some not.

Creatures will die. Hunters will die. But no one will go without a fight.

A Coven of Vampires

A Coven of Vampires

A Coven of Vampires is a collection of 13 classic vampire tales:

  • “What Dark God?”
  • “Back Row”
  • “The Strange Years”
  • “The Kiss of the Lamia”
  • “Recognition”
  • “The Thief Immortal”
  • “Necros”
  • “The Thing From the Blasted Heath”
  • “Uzzi, Haggopian”
  • “The Picknickers”
  • “Zack Phalanx is Vlad the Impaler”
  • “The House of the Temple”

The Nonesuch and Others

The Nonesuch and Others features a new Brian Lumley hero, the Man With No Name. As stated in the introduction, the Man With No Name “is just an innocent bystander who happens to be standing by in the wrong place at the wrong time: a witness to terrifying occurrences, monstrous events, who can never be one hundred percent positive that the things he has experienced are real. And why not? Because a man who sees pink elephants might as easily see just about anything.”

Neither hero nor anti-hero, the Man With No Name is narrator of the three stories in this collection, but in The Nonesuch he’s at least seen to be brave if not actually heroic. However, “if you the reader were confronted by the bizarre, inexplicable nonesuches whose paths tend to cross his in the following stories…well, how brave would you be?”

Stories included in this collection:
The Thin People
The Nonesuch

The Burrowers Beneath (Titus Crow)

The Burrowers Beneath (Titus Crow)

The Burrowers Beneath is the first book in the Titus Crow series from bestselling author Brian Lumley

The Titus Crow novels are adventure horror, full of acts of nobility and heroism, featuring travel to exotic locations and alternate planes of existence as Titus Crow and his faithful companion and record-keeper fight the gathering forces of darkness wherever they arise.

The menaces are the infamous and deadly Elder Gods of the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Chthulu and his dark minions are bent on ruling the earth–or destroying it. A few puny humans cannot possibly stand against these otherworldly evil gods, yet time after time, Titus Crow defeats the monsters and drives them back into the dark from whence they came.

Brian Lumley’s The Best of the Rest

Brian Lumley's The Best of the Rest

From the Introduction:

This pretty much is what the title says. Many of the stories/novellas here will have only been done in limited print runs, such as in fanzines, magazines, pamphlets, special editions or online magazines.

It’s a mixed genre of stories and these are what Brian considers the best of the rest of the stories in his body of work. We’ve got 111,000+ words in this collection so that means lots of enjoyment in what is likely the last collection coming from Brian.

Hero of Dreams

Something vital is missing from David Hero’s comfortable, ordinary existence. one day is much like the next, simple, predictable…boring.

But the nights! Each night David Hero finds himself transported to a marvelous world where brave men and women battle terrible creatures possessed of cruel, dark powers.

Despite his fears, the Dreamworlds tempt David, drawing him farther and farther from the waking world. Here he finds noble warriors; beautiful, loving women; and challenges almost greater than he can imagine.